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Mazafati Kimia dates are considered to be the best types of dates that have many benefits and have been recommended in traditional and modern medicine as a natural food useful for the health of the body in different age periods.

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Mazafati Kimiq Dates benefits

Mazafati dates are one of the products of Iranian dates. This type of date is not considered in the category of nuts due to its high humidity. Storage conditions are at a temperature between -5 to +5 degrees Celsius. Among the characteristics of Bam Mazafati dates, we can mention black, shiny, thin skin. Rotab Mazafati skin can be easily removed. Also, Mazafati dates have a lot of juice and its taste is very sweet.

Mazafati dates are high in iron, natural sugar and suitable for the body. This fruit is composed of various nutrients of calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and so on. In addition, dates are low in fat and high in fiber and protein, which makes them a healthy snack. This date has a lot of potassium in its structure that can be considered as a treatment for diarrhea. It is also very rich in iron and has natural sugar.

Researchers say that eating wet dates with dairy products, such as milk, is very good for fatigue or strenuous activity. Dates contain fiber, which is very effective in reducing fat and providing protein. Recent scientific research has shown that dates are effective in relieving violence and peace of mind.

1. Contains several minerals including phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium that prevent osteoporosis. In fact, dates are one of the most effective foods to prevent osteoporosis.

2. Helps improve brain health. Therefore, the use of dates from adolescence is recommended for better development of the nervous system and brain.

3. Helps in natural childbirth in women. Of course, keep in mind that pregnant women should not overeat dates (of any kind); because dates will cause allergies in the baby and may affect his health in terms of various allergies in the future.

4. Lowers cholesterol. Eating one to two dates a day helps lower cholesterol.

5. In an ideal diet, dates can help you lose weight and help people gain weight by changing their diet and eating habits.

6. It has a lot of iron that promotes hair growth and strength. In fact, we know Mazafati dates as one of the main sources of iron supply needed by the body.

7. Due to the low glycemic index and also the natural sugars of this date, eating it for diabetics, without consulting a specialist, is unobstructed. In fact, dates are considered a substitute for sugar, and if a doctor does not object to this, he can use dates (in a limited way) for diabetics.

8. This date can be used as one of the snacks during the day. Mazafati dates have a lot of natural sweetness and even eating one of them can give a lot of energy.

9. It can be used to produce ice cream, milkshakes, cookies, cakes and more.

10. It is a tonic and energetic snack for athletes that can be used before training.

11. Helps the body’s nervous system function.

12. Due to its high fiber, it helps treat constipation and the normal functioning of the body’s digestive system.

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