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“Walnut chile” appears to be a description or reference to a dish or recipe that includes both walnuts and chile peppers. It suggests a combination of the nutty flavor of walnuts with the spicy heat of chile peppers.

The term “chile” can refer to a variety of hot peppers, such as jalapeños, serranos, habaneros, or other chili peppers commonly used in cooking. These peppers are known for adding spiciness and flavor to various dishes.

Walnuts are nutritious tree nuts known for their mild and slightly sweet flavor. They are often used in both savory and sweet dishes, adding a crunchy texture and richness to the recipe.

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5 reviews for Walnut Kernels Kashmir
  1. 34rtwe

    got my first fruit box, well chuffed with it. definitely recommend. will be ordering an other next week. brilliant delivery as well. Thank you

  2. 34rtww (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality of fresh fruit and vegetables, all at a good cost. Love that all produce comes in very minimal plastic. Love the variety of fruit and vegetables you can choose from each week. Find that it lasts a lot longer than supermarket produce.

  3. cxvre42 (verified owner)

    fantastic quality and great value for money – lasts much longer than supermarket produce. Its a great plus for me that fruit and veg is packed in paper bags, with very little plastic used 😊

  4. 6eger (verified owner)

    Great produce and excellent service

  5. 54t34tss (verified owner)

    Great quality and fresh tasting fruit and veg.

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