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“Walnut kernels chile” likely refers to a specific type of walnut kernels that are seasoned or spiced with chile or chili pepper seasoning. This combination offers a delicious blend of the natural nuttiness of walnuts with the heat and flavor of chile peppers.

Chile-spiced walnut kernels can be a delightful and savory snack, offering a balance of nutty, spicy, and sometimes tangy flavors. They are a popular and versatile treat, enjoyed on their own or used in various culinary applications.

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7 reviews for Walnut chile
  1. 32564

    Lovely produce and great value. Who could ask for more?!

  2. segrg54

    Just had my delivery. fruit and veg looks amazing and the lady was so friendly x

  3. ewt4d

    Fruit and veg all very fresh and great quality. Fab value for money also!

  4. segsdgdf

    Just received my £10 box. Got to say I am very impressed! Looking forward to everything in it.

  5. sdfgdf

    I am loving my weekly delivery . So fresh and longer lasting than any supermarket. You have to give this a try

  6. zdfg5434

    lovely fresh fruit really good quality definitely worth the money x

  7. tqw34

    Received my 1st order yesterday and it\’s great, fantastic service

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