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“Gurbandi Almond” refers to a specific variety of almonds known for their unique characteristics. Gurbandi almonds are highly regarded for their taste, texture, and nutritional benefits. They are primarily grown in the region of Jammu and Kashmir in India.

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6 reviews for Gurbandi Almond
  1. 34qtsd

    Fantastic quality of fresh fruit and vegetables, all at a good cost. Love that all produce comes in very minimal plastic. Love the variety of fruit and vegetables you can choose from each week. Find that it lasts a lot longer than supermarket produce.

  2. ert234wf

    Very impressive fruit bowl!! Thanks again The McGrath family x

  3. q23efae

    Love the fruit n veg, defo worth every penny xxx

  4. fq343g

    Thank you for your kind donation of apples to the PA Halloween disco!

  5. 34tq34t

    Excellent quality – fruit and veg last so much longer than what I get in the shops. Good amount and value for money. Thank you!

  6. q234t234a

    Love it when our fresh fruit and veg gets delivered!

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